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Hi and a very special welcome to the new Bristol Filton website. We’re are redesigning our site to make it much better, but it’s a long and slow process, so please give us a little time to get everything right.

While we play with the design, and all the cogs and wheels, we’ll add lots of content to the site and hopefully build something special for when the design is finished. In the meanwhile we’ll add lots of interesting articles and stuff to keep you happy.

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Internet hosting for kicks and profit

heart internetHeart Internet are one of the leading UK web hosting and domain name registration companies around. With award winning customer service and utilising some of the latest technology Heart Internet really are an excellent choice for all your online needs.

I’ve been using this company for hosting and domain registration for many years now and have yet to have an issues with them. That is backed up by the stat that last year they had an up time of 99.98%. I’ve mainly been using them for small websites, specialising in niche markets like GPS sports watches and so forth, but are now using them for domain name registration, this is because I find their prices very competitive and coming not from an IT background, so easy to use, and coupled with 24/7 support you never feel as though you are on your own.

Since I’ve increased the size of my website and the amount of sites I have, they have coped with this increase with ease and this has allowed me to get on with the content side on online marketing and not have to worry about site down time or any other issues that may arise.

So my initial venture into this was, as I said earlier, a very small niche site that was affiliated with Amazon and review sports GPS watches, and then sent affiliated links to Amazon for costumers to buy if they desired so. I was mainly targeting long tail key words and the clicks to sales were very slow. Since then I’ve learnt a lot more and my latest site is all about web hosting. To take a look at my latest endeavour then click here. I chose Web Hosting as it was relatively uncompetitive and I felt that I was able to rank high for certain keyword terms. I had some very quick initial success and was very optimistic in terms of this site going on to be steady. It was then when this site started to drop down in the Google rankings and I have been working tirelessly in trying to get this back up again.

None of this has deterred me in making a success of affiliate marketing and considering the amount of work I put in very early on and the days of endless content and more content, for very little return, I feel that I can now go on and start to make some real money from this.


Chain Reaction Cycles Review

Chain Reaction Cycles are one of the leading cycling retailers around. Boasting a huge range of cycling accessories, bikes and equipment. They are the worlds largest online bike store. They always have some great deals and sales on there too. I’ve been using these guys for well over 5 years now and they haven’t given me any cause for complaints in all that time.

Weather you’re into mountain biking, road biking, city biking, BMX biking, running or a budding triathlete then you’ll get it all right here. They have all the top brands and a massive amount of stock, so the item, bike or piece of equipment you are after will certainly arrive in time and exactly as you requested.

My passion for cycling started out by doing touring cycling up to the Lake District in Cumbria. I feel in love with the area and having everything in needed packed on my two wheels. I did wild camping out there and given the remoteness of the area, finding stops was never that difficult. From there my love of tour cycling grew. It’s then when I discovered the great site Crazy Guy On A Bike. This site is full of amazing and inspiring stories of people who’ve just gone out there and done it. Weather it’s 2 nights or a year, you’ll find a story on there that will get you moving.

It’s this site that inspired me to do a tour of Vietnam. A what a truly amazing country this is. The fun started way before the actual holiday did. When I was planning the trip. What equipment I should take and what should be left behind? Should I go for panniers or opt for a trailer? GPS or maps? All these decisions where thought over endlessly, and with being able to post questions on Crazy Guy On A Bike, the answers were always informative. The hardest decision was clearly, what bike should I take.

I finally decided on a Specialized Hardrock Disc,with panniers instead of a trailer, as this is what I’m used to. I really wanted to keep the weight to a minimum, so I packed light for this trip. Almost all this equipment was bought from Best Cycle Discount Codes. My 5 week trip was one of the best of my life and would certainly love to do it all over again.